Friday, May 8, 2009

Em's broken leg!

So Emalee went and got a broken leg. She was outside playing on the trampoline with Ashlee and fell and hit her leg on the slide that was going down from the trampoline. I still am not sure how it happened, but I guess it doesn't matter. She has been pretty big about it, but I can't wait until she can walk around by herself. It is pretty hard to keep up with her and Jace.
This is Em after she got her cool hot pink cast!

This is Em after we came home from the emergency room, don't ya love her face!


Michelle and Todd said...

Poor girl! Hopefully it won't take long and she will be dragging her cast everywhere with her!! :)

Kim and Cory said...

Silly Em! I hope she can drag that cast around with her soon! One Jace is enough! :)

The Tophams said...

Poor Em! She looks pretty cute and innocent to me!

Ashlee Andersen said...

That is so sad! My boys would go crazy with a broken leg! Hopefully it will heal quickly. She looks so cute!