Saturday, December 19, 2009

Family Pictures

We finally went and got family pictures. We went to Lehi and it was soooooooo cold. Jace and Emmie were both crying before it was all over. I am surprised we got any good shots. But I think the picture of the kids turned out cute even if Jace wouldn't take off his hood :)

Melting Snowmen!!

So I decided that I should try and do some fun things with my kids while they are on Christmas vacation for 2 WHOLE WEEKS!! I saw these cute snowmen on a website and decided to try them. Poor Jace was taking a nap and the kids couldn't wait so we did them without him, but I did make one for him. I thought they turned out really cute and the kids had fun with them.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

It seemed like to took forever to get the kids ready for halloween this year. Tyler was Gene Simmons....and it took forever to paint his face but I have to admit he did look pretty cool. Ashlee was a gogo dancer. Kaitlyn was a witch at school and a princess on halloween. Emalee was a snow queen and Jace was a rodeo clown. Jace cried huge crocodile tears as soon as I tried to paint his face so he does not look as cute as he could have, but oh well. We had fun trick-or-treating!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sister's Day!

Me and Kim got to go see Haley and her new baby in St. George. They named her Charlie Jane and I just love it.....I think it is the cutest name ever. We went shopping, ate at the Olive Garden and hung out. What else could better than spending time with your sisters, good food and shopping.

Labor Day Campout!

We went camping over Labor Day weekend for 5 days. I was worried about how long it was going to be but we really had alot of fun and it went by fast. We went with Barry's family to Kamas. We ate alot, played games, went for walks and rode 4-wheelers. Sorry that there are no pictures of me cause I am always way cute when I am camping, hehe.

Barry and Em
Tyler relaxing
Ashlee in the rhino
Katie and her pop
Em getting ready to eat
Jace relaxing in the hammock

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jace is 2!

I can't believe that Jace is already time flies! We went to the rez. and played for his birthday. Jace loves to play at the rez., just not in the water.....which is fine with me because he is easier to watch. Grandpa Mark and Grandma Jane gave him a bike for his birthday and he loved it. It is so funny to watch him on it, he can't reach the pedals yet but he is still a goer. Jace is such a fun little guy who always has a smile on his face. We are so lucky that he is part of our family and we are sure enjoying him. Happy Birthday little guy!

Jace with hiw birthday cake!
Stylin' in his awesome glasses.

Jace with his two favorite things.....cheetos and his new bike!

Ashlee's 9th Birthday!!!!

So this is what an awfuln Mom I am......I forgot to take the camera to Ashlee's Birthday. We had the video camera and at least I caught some action with that. We went to the rez. and took the boat with the Petersen clan. We had our boats and we had a bbq. It was alot of fun. Ashlee got a new bike, jewlery, clothes and nail polish. Ashlee is a very good helper....even when she doesn't want to be. She helps us alot with her little brother Jace. We love her alot and want her to know how proud we are of her. Here is a picture of her doing her favorite thing in the world!